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Visit Bilbao with our cards and get discounts

Visit Bilbao with our cards and get discounts

Visit Bilbao with our cards: many more advantages and promotions

Visit Bilbao with our cards and obtain discounts, the associates offer discounts and exclusive promotions: museums, shows, restaurants, entertainment venues … We invite you to explore the guide of establishments and companies attached to the card.

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Visit Bilbao with Look Bilbao Pass

Visit Bilbao with Look Bilbao Pass

The Tourist Bilbao.

The first impulse that tourism had in Bilbao was after the construction of the railway line between the village and the Guechotarra neighborhood of Las Arenas in 1872. Those responsible for this initiative publicized it by focusing on visitors, offering them «to trip to Las Arenas «or Portugalete, where the fresh breezes of the sea are breathe, whose view offers very few ports of baths». Thus it was constituted in a discreet destination destiny.

However, the real tourist boost would begin with the inauguration of the Guggenheim Museum, as evidenced by the growing influx of tourists since then, reaching 623,229 visitors in 2007. Other data state that the locality collects 30% of visits to the Basque Country, being The main destination of this Autonomous Community, above San Sebastian. The origin of the majority of tourists is Madrid in the first place and Catalonia in second place. As for international visitors, most come from France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.In addition to leisure tourism, business tourism and congress tourism also take place in the town, thanks to new facilities such as Euskalduna Palace and the nearby Bilbao Exhibition Center , in Baracaldo.

For a brief history of Bilbao, click here.

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